Offering Private Yoga Classes at your Home


Personalized classes to help you achieve your wellness goals.

Personalised Yoga Classes are an opportunity to identify and target specific imbalances or issues whether physical pains like back ache or mental stress and anxiety. It is also the most effective for long term results for prolonged or recurring issues.


Yoga for the busy Professional

Our work life can take a heavy toll the efficiency of your body. Long hours hunched over computers or constant traveling can take a toll on the efficiency of your body and mind if not properly managed. My Corporate Yoga classes are tailor to deal with the issues faced in a corporate environment, reduce the negative affects and promote healthy workplace habits.


Yoga for Self Exploration 

My workshops aim at educating and empowering individuals in understanding and experiencing the correlation between their body and mind and how they impact the other. Through this knowledge and using Yoga techniques you can learn how to re-balance your internal state and enhance the quality of your life.


One week of Yoga, Ayurveda and India Culture 

Get in touch to find out dates for our 2021 Retreat

Join me for daily Yoga and Meditation Classes in beautiful Kerala. We will explore the local villages, try out the local food, learn about Ayurveda, visit the local natural sites and get a taste of the vast diversity and unique beauty of the Motherland of Yoga.



Thank you for dropping by. 

I am an Indian/Canadian Yoga Teacher, born and brought up in India. I've trained and studied in the traditional styles of Yoga and specialize in Hatha Yoga , Yoga Philosophy and Living Yoga in this modern day.

I've taught Yoga for over 10 years in India and Australia before moving to New York City  where I currently live and continue to teach and practice Yoga. 

Wherever you are in your Yoga journey or if you're keen to begin, I am here to help. 


When we choose to base our life on what really matters, we build upon a foundation that we can know will last the years. Yoga teaches you how to build that foundation.



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